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To create a new assignment for your students, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Dashboard.
  • In the top menu, click on Quiz Assignments: Dashboard menu with "Quiz Assignments" circled
  • Click the red Create an Assignment button:
    "Create an Assignment" button
  • Chemistry quiz: Select a chemistry quiz from the dropdown menu at the top of the form.
    • Custom quiz name: You can also enter an optional custom name to help you differentiate between different assignments, e.g. “Balancing Monatomics” vs. “Balancing Polyatomics” would both use the Balancing, Identifying & Predicting Chemical Equations quiz but with different options
  • Assign quiz to: Select an assignment target from your classes and students. You can assign a quiz to all of your students, a class, or an individual student. If you want to assign a quiz to a small group of students across different classes, I would recommend creating a class just for those students. There is no limit to the number of classes you can create.
  • Number of questions on quiz: Enter the number of questions or items for your assignment. Each assignment can have up to 100 items.
  • Completion threshold: You can also enter a threshold, or minimum number of items that a student must answer correctly, in order to “pass” the quiz. This is optional and only for information purposes. For example, if you create an assignment with 10 items and set a threshold of 8, will show you when a student does not meet that minimum number of correct answers.
  • Assignment is available: You can select a date and time when students can begin taking your assignment.  Before then, they can practice the quiz as much as they’d like. The quiz will become available to students based on the time zone of your school. This is optional; if you don’t set a date and time, your assignment will be available immediately.
  • Assignment due date: You can also set a due date for your assignment. This is also optional.
  • Assignment locking: You can set an assignment to lock at the due date and time. Students will not be able to attempt the assignment after the due date. This is optional.
  • Multiple attempts: You can allow multiple attempts on an assignment. If you don’t enable this option, students will only be able to attempt an assignment once. This is optional.
  • Teacher email notifications: You can select whether you’d like to receive an individual email notification whenever a student completes the assignment, a summary every morning at 4:00 AM your time, a summary every Saturday morning at 4:00 AM, or not at all. The default setting is to not receive email notifications.
  • Additional instructions to students: You can add custom instructions that will be shown at the top of the quiz whenever a student attempts the assignment. This is optional; if you don’t include custom instructions, students will get the default message: “Here’s your quiz – good luck!”
  • Teacher notes: You can save notes about the assignment that cannot be seen by students; only you and other teachers at your school can see them. This is optional.
  • Activation: This makes the assignment available to students. If this is not selected, then students will not be able to see or access the assignment.
  • After clicking the Save and Select Additional Quiz Options, you can change specific options depending on what chemistry quiz you selected. These will vary by quiz and allow you to customize your assignment to best meet your needs.

This video will walk you through the steps listed above:

Additional documentation about assignments: