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Science Fundamentals

  • Density Calculations Quiz
    • calculate density, mass or volume of over 150 different materials
    • g/cm3 or k/m3; simple or word problems
  • Percent Error & Percent Yield Quiz
    • calculate percent error and percent yield in chemical reactions
    • word problems draw from hundreds of chemical compounds
  • Scientific Notation Quiz
    • convert between scientific notation and decimal notation
    • fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice questions
  • SI Conversions Quiz
    • convert between SI prefixes (e.g., grams to milligrams)
    • one-step and two-step conversions
  • Significant Figures Quiz
    • count significant figures (“sig figs”) in a variety of numbers in decimal or scientific notation
    • perform simple arithmetic calculations and report answers with correct number of sig figs


  • Electron Configuration Quiz
    • determine electron configuration or element from the first 102 elements
  • Elements & Isotopes Quiz
    • determine names, symbols and atomic numbers for main group, transition and inner transition elements
    • name isotopes, determine isotope notation and count number of subatomic particles for hundreds of isotopes
  • Lewis Dot Structures Quiz
    • draw and identify Lewis dot structures for the main group elements
    • predict the number of bonds and charges of ions that elements can form based on their dot structures
  • Light & Energy Quiz
    • convert between photon frequency, wavelength and energy
    • perform electron energy level and chemical bond dissociation energy calculations
  • Nuclear Reactions Quiz
    • determine missing particle in nuclear decay equations
    • isotope symbol problems & word problems

Chemical Compounds

Intermolecular Forces and Properties

  • Concentrations of Solutions Quiz
    • calculate molarity (concentration) of a solution
    • calculate concentrations and volumes involved in dilutions
    • multiple unit options; simple or word problems; grams and moles
  • Gas Laws Quiz
    • Boyle’s Law, Charles’ Law, Gay-Lussac’s Law, Combined Gas Law & Ideal Gas Law
    • multiple unit options; simple or word problems; chemical formulas or names

Chemical Reactions


  • Calorimetry Quiz
    • perform calculations as heat is absorbed or released during a temperature change
    • multiple unit options; simple or word problems; grams and moles
  • Enthalpy Calculations Quiz
    • calculate heat absorbed or released by a chemical or physical change
    • calculate quantity of a chemical required to absorb or release a given amount of heat
    • multiple unit options; simple or word problems; chemical formulas or names
  • Hess’s Law Quiz ( new! )
    • calculate heat of reactions from compound heats of formation or heats of reactions
    • over 100 chemical reactions
  • Thermochemical Equations Quiz
    • over 100 thermochemical equations with heats of reactions
    • stoichiometry and limiting reagents problems
    • balanced and unbalanced equations; chemical formulas or names; grams and moles; percent yield


  • Chemical Equilibrium Quiz
    • write chemical equilibrium expressions, convert between Kc and Kp, and calculate equilibrium constants and chemical quantities
    • balanced and unbalanced equations; multiple unit options; simple or word problems
  • Solubility Quiz
    • calculate solubility and Ksp values for over 180 solutes
    • calculate the concentration of individual ions in a saturated solution
    • multiple unit options; simple or word problems; chemical formulas or names

Acids and Bases

  • Acid-Base Equilibrium Quiz
    • calculate concentration, pH/pOH, Ka/Kb of weak acids and bases
    • calculate percent ionization of weak acids & bases
  • Acid-Base Neutralization Quiz
    • calculate analyte concentrations and titrant volumes for a variety of acid-base neutralizations
    • strong-strong and weak-strong reactions
  • pH and pOH Calculations Quiz
    • calculate pH and pOH from hydrogen ion (H+) and hydroxide ion (OH) concentrations
    • calculate hydrogen ion (H+) and hydroxide ion (OH) concentrations from pH and pOH

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