Welcome to ChemQuiz.net!

What is ChemQuiz.net?

ChemQuiz.net helps students practice a variety of skills that are necessary to be successful in any high school or entry-level college Chemistry class.  Each practice quiz has a variety of options and they’re completely free to use.

Free Chemistry practice quizzes

Students and anyone else who wants to practice their Chemistry skills can take a practice quiz any time – there are currently twenty-two different quizzes from which to choose!

Classroom Management System for teachers

Teachers and tutors are welcome and encouraged to use the practice quizzes in their classrooms, with remote learning or as extra practice with their students.  ChemQuiz.net also has a Learning Management System (LMS) – the Dashboard – that teachers can use to assign practice quizzes to their students.  If you’re a teacher or tutor and you’re interested in using ChemQuiz.net with your classes, please fill out this interest form.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me!