About the ChemQuiz.net Dashboard

The ChemQuiz.net Dashboard is a “learning management system” (LMS) that teachers can use to assign chemistry practice quizzes to their students and keep track of their progress.

ChemQuiz.net Dashboard menu
The ChemQuiz.net Dashboard menu

ChemQuiz.net Dashboard features include:

  • assign quizzes to classes, individual students or groups of students
  • select specific settings for each assigned quiz (e.g. minimum score required to pass, use chemical names instead of formulas)
  • schedule when quizzes are available and due
  • review and leave feedback on individual student results, including their answers and responses
  • export assignment results for importing into other learning management systems (LMS)
  • create student accounts and organize them into classes

The Dashboard is a paid feature that costs US$50 per school year for a site license that allows an unlimited number of student accounts, teacher accounts and assignments within an individual school. Dashboard licenses are free for high poverty public high schools or school districts with at least 50% of students on free/reduced lunch or labeled “economically disadvantaged”!