Stoichiometry & Limiting Reagents Quiz

This online quiz is intended to give you extra practice in performing stoichiometric conversions, including limiting reagent and percent yield problems.

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Number of problems:  1
Chemical equations are:  Balanced
 A mix of both balanced and unbalanced equations
Type of problems:  Simple stoichiometry only (one given, one wanted)
 Limiting reagents only (two given reactants, one wanted product)
 A mix of both simple stoichiometry and limiting reagent problems
Units to use (select at least one):  grams
 liters (at STP)
 particles (e.g., atoms/molecules/formula units)
Chemical formulas or names:  Chemical formulas
 Chemical names
 Mix & match (both formulas and names)
Percent yield:  Include percent yield calculations in problems (very challenging!)
Given values are:  Random (more realistic)
 Simplified (e.g., 50, 100, 150, etc.)
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 Printable web page (for worksheets)
 Presentation (full screen for class)
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