Alignment with Ohio’s Learning Standards and Model Curriculum for Science

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Many of the free practice quizzes on align directly with Ohio’s Learning Standards for Chemistry. According to the Ohio Department of Education website, “The State Board of Education adopted Ohio’s Learning Standards for Science as a part of Ohio’s learning system. The Ohio Department of Education’s current state assessments are also created in accordance with these standards.”

The following quizzes at align with the Ohio’s Learning Standards for Chemistry listed below:


C.PM.1: Atomic structure

    • Evolution of atomic models/theory
    • Electrons
    • Electron configurations

Aligned quizzes:

C.PM.2: Periodic table

    • Properties
    • Trends

Aligned quizzes:

C.PM.3: Chemical bonding

    • Ionic
    • Polar/covalent

Aligned quizzes:

C.PM.4: Representing compounds

    • Formula writing
    • Nomenclature
    • Models and shapes (Lewis structures, ball and stick, molecular geometries)

Aligned quizzes:

C.PM.5: Quantifying matter

Aligned quizzes:

C.PM.6: Intermolecular forces of attraction

    • Types and strengths
    • Implications for properties of substances
      • Melting and boiling point
      • Solubility
      • Vapor pressure

Aligned quizzes:


C.IM.1: Chemical reactions

    • Types of reactions
    • Kinetics
    • Energy
    • Equilibrium
    • Acids/bases

Aligned quizzes:

C.IM.2: Gas Laws

    • Pressure, volume and temperature
    • Ideal gas law

Aligned quizzes:

C.IM.3: Stoichiometry

    • Molecular calculations
    • Solutions
    • Limiting reagents

Aligned quizzes: