Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the practice quizzes free to use?

Yes! The chemistry practice quizzes on will always be completely free to use.

I’m a Chemistry teacher. Can I use these practice quizzes in my classroom?

Yes, that’s the point! You are free to use them however you see fit, without attribution. You can also use the practice quizzes to generate printable worksheets for your students.

My teacher/professor doesn’t use, but I’d like to sign up on my own. Do you offer individual student accounts?

Yes! As of the summer of 2022, I’ve created over 130 assignments that guide students through the major topics found in a typical high school or introductory college inorganic Chemistry class. It costs only US$6 for a full year’s access – you can purchase an account here! If you’re not interested in keeping track of your progress through the practice quizzes, please feel free to make use of them in free mode.

Why do you charge for the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows students and teachers to track progress in completing quizzes, either for themselves or their students. My hope was to create a system that would useful for Chemistry students and teachers around the world while being helpful and easy to use for everyone. Site licenses help me pay for website hosting, service upgrades, and the software I use to create the site, and it makes it easier for me to offer free site licenses to schools with a high poverty rate. It also helps me justify spending my time outside school developing new quizzes.

I’m a teacher and I purchased a full site license to the Dashboard for my classes but I have no idea how to get started. What should I do first?

The basic order for using the Dashboard is this:

1. add student accounts

2. select a practice quiz and create an assignment for those students

3. tell your students to complete the assignment

4. check the results!

I created step-by-step documentation to help with this process, so check it out and use the Contact form if you still need help.

I found a mistake in one of your quizzes! What should I do?

Oh no! While I’ve taken care to try to provide the most scientifically accurate chemistry practice quizzes possible, occasionally I goof. Sorry about that! Please fill out the Contact form and let me know what’s wrong.

Why did you create

I began writing dynamically generated practice quizzes for my CP Chemistry school blog back in 2010, starting with SI Conversions, Naming Chemical Compounds, and Balancing Equations. I received lots of supportive emails from Chemistry teachers around the world and sometimes from students as well, so I knew people liked them, which is great! In 2014 I switched over to teaching Environmental Science and AP Physics 2, but I still received lots of emails about my online Chemistry resources, so I continued to occasionally develop new quizzes. Fast forward to Spring 2020 with COVID-19 shutting down schools across Ohio and the world, and like everyone else, I was stuck at home with too much time on my hands. After a discussion with colleagues at my high school who teach Chemistry, I realized that there might be a need for a chemistry-specific learning system that tracked student progress remotely, so shortly after that, was born.

I need help with a specific chemistry topic, but you don’t offer a practice quiz for it. When are you going to write new quizzes?

I write new quizzes based on demand, inspiration and ability. I’m a full-time high school science teacher, so some things are easier for me to figure out how to code than others. If you have a suggestion for a new quiz, or a new feature for an existing quiz, I’d love to hear about it! Please use the Contact form to share your ideas.

What software did you use to write your practice quizzes?

I wrote the chemistry practice quizzes and the Dashboard using the PHP programming language and I use MySQL databases for the Dashboard, chemical formulas, equations, constants, etc. The website uses WordPress as its content management system (CMS). I get my chemical constants from Wikipedia.


If any other questions come up, I’ll post them here. Thanks so much for your support! Please feel free to drop me a line by filling out the Contact form or emailing me at Take care and stay safe!